The results are in! Australian Professional Photography Awards

The results are in! Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA’S) – Serata Equine Photography

My goodness it has been an absolute whirlwind of a week, on Saturday I had a sunrise flight into Sydney in hopes of watching my entries into the Australian Professional Photography Awards being judged live.

I was running late upon landing and did miss viewing my first print being judged (out of all the images, it was drawn first) but thankfully I had a chance to watch it online later in the day.

I thought everyone might like a behind the scenes of the day, and what is involved in the judging of the National Awards. It was my first year entering, so although I understood the process, I had not anticipated the nerves to hit such a record high.

The Australian Professional Photography Awards

The APPAs are judged based on a print, not digital format which means approximately two weeks ago all print entries must have been submitted. There is a very strict criteria of the sizing of the prints, as well as guidelines of what is acceptable in each category.

Each entrant can submit 4 images, the prints are sorted by the APPA team into each category, and placed in a random order. There are two rooms for each category, with a panel of 5 judges each (and 3 substitutes) Anyone is welcome into the judging room, and sits behind the judges, from there judges view one print at a time under specific lighting conditions, and record their scores.

The below image of Licorice (Nungarra Furst Class) was awarded a Silver for Artistry above a Profession Standard.

Sometimes the judges are very close in score, other times there is varying opinions. In these cases a challenge can be processed where the

highest scoring judge pleads their case as to why the print is worthy of a higher score, and all other judges share their opinions.

The print is then re judged by all except the highest scoring judge.

I am so very excited and humble to say that I received TWO Silver awards (Imagery of a higher level than that expected of a Professional Photographer) in the Pet and Animal Category with some very lovely feedback from the judges, and some lovely stories created and interpreted from my images. I also received one image with high professional practice, and one with professional practice.

The photo below, ‘Reflections’ is one of my most popular and requested Equine images. What started as such a small idea has gained so much traction that our ‘Reflections’ series Book is due to be released at the end of the year.

Spaces are still open so if you think you would also like a similar style image head on over HERE.

‘Reflections’ was rewarded with a Silver award and a gorgeous narrative being created from the image by the judges.

serata awards

After the prints are scored, those that are awarded are then displayed on a wall within the venue for the day to be admired. The below image received High Professional Practice. This pose is definitely one of my favourites, as I love the “peeking” out from over the back, and the softness created in the horses eye.

And finally.. my favourite image. This image also scored high professional practice. All four are our personal horses at home (exactly…4 bays!) and the aim originally was for a photograph of them all together with a cheesy “Family Photo Smile” as you can see. ‘Chase’ wasn’t quite as cooperative as the others and allowed us to create a more “Traditional Family Photo”

All Four horses were together for this image, none were added in separately. I also had two amazing handlers Amy & Ashlee to keep the children (aka horses) from bickering.

If you would like something similar of your horse like from the awards entries above, be sure to CONTACT US.

A huge thank you to all of the owners for allowing us to photograph your horses, all images bar the family photograph were taken during our regular photoshoot sessions.

To book your session head online HERE.