Epson 2019 VICTAS – Professional State Photography Awards – Victoria Equine Photographer

Last week I had the 2019 Epson State Photography Awards, otherwise known as the #victas.

This year I decided to enter for the first time as a AIPP member (which means that I am Accredited Australian Professional Photographer – click the link at the bottom to find out more).

The VICTAS holds a wide variety of Categories you can choose to enter your images. eg. Pet/Animal, Portrait, Family, Landscape etc. in which you can enter 4 images per category to a maximum of 12 images across the competition.

Your prints are individually judged based on their individual merit and not against other entrants. The are judged live by a panel of judges, under specific lights, and a room of other participants who are all equally bouncing their feet and holding their breath. The awards are to recognise photographers who show talent and creativity above what is expected of a professional photographer. Those who qualify with 2 Awarded prints can then enter the National awards in August, with the same, retouched or completely different images.


Above: My first image drawn in the Family category was by far my most nerve wrecking, however I was relieved and blessed to receive a Silver award for above professional practice expected.

This year I decided to enter both Family and Pet categories with a variety of my horse photography with a total of 8 images.

The Family category has specific rules, that the images must be created by a commissioned (paid) photoshoot, this means that they must be a client and not someone I have asked to create a specific concept.

In the Family category I received 2 Silver Awards (above professional practice) and 2 High professional practice images, and in the Pet/Animal category all 4 images were awarded with 2 Silver with Distinction awards and 2 Silver awards ANDDDDD…….. Finalist for Victorian Pet Photographer of the Year!

My second entry drawn in the family category was of Shaylah and her horse Arthur, which we photographed last year in her stunning wedding dress, it was one of the windiest days I have ever had a photoshoot, and I think this also led to the amazing-ness of the image.

This image was scored a high professional practice.

Another entrant into my Family category was Amy and T-bone Valentine (her pet Jersey cow) this image is one of my biggest loves, and was impromptu during Amy & Ross’s Engagement session when T-bone decided to gate-crash. However as the judges said “You don’t wear red to a bull”

T-bone Valentine was a Valentines present to Amy many years earlier, who needs flowers and chocolates anyway?

This image received High professional practice.

I cant show many of my images from the Pet & Animal category as I am currently in the process of assessing what will go to the Nationals later this year, but here is a sneak peak into one of the images which was awarded a Silver.

Licorish ( Nungarra Furst Class) owned by Kylie was one of my very first Equine Photography sessions, and not only was he awarded a Silver Award he was also the concept behind one of my Silver with Distinction awards.

I’m so honoured to have entered the awards this year and to have such amazing feedback from such highly esteemed photographers and judges.

It has been an absolute dream of mine for a long time to have entered and to have other people love my passion just as much as I do.was just so amazing.

Thank you for those who’ve supported me so far on my journey as a photographer. I love you guys!

Want to know more about what it means to choose an Accredited Professional Photographer? Click here.