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Those who have met me know that its not like me to share a sneak peak, its actually pretty much unheard of. However this is a topic we at Serata Equine are quite passionate about, and want to show to our followers.

Here at Serata Equine Photography we are PRO Helmet, yep you heard correctly, we personally ride in helmets at all times and both Me and Amy are both competitive horse riders and Instructors.

|| When it comes to our creative sessions helmets don’t fit the bill, and for obvious reasons our clients do not always want them in the photographs ||


To ensure utmost safety we have a wide variety of practices we have refined for these situations, all riders are required to wear a helmet at first if wearing a big flowy dress in which is taken off if all is relaxed, or if the horse has not been ridden in a dress before. Those with big dresses ride in saddles preferably, not bareback unless the horse is definitely happy with the scenario.

We have handlers and were not afraid to use them.

This speed edit is to show exactly what goes into our images, yep its a touch of magic and its safe.

For this exact photograph we had two handlers and three qualified riders (including myself) all on the scene, Ashlee to ensure Jackie was stable and be ready if the situation changed, and Amy to hold Shady and ensure everything was how it should be.

All situations are different, but we do recommend that if you are interested in awe inspiring images like this one in a creative session to please let us know so we can ensure we have handlers on hand for the session itself.

Want to see the speed edit of how this image came to be and what your photoshoot with Serata Photography could look like?

The number one question to ask your Equine Photographer before booking:

Do you have assistants for your ridden photoshoot?

This is a MUST in Equine photography and standard practice for ridden photographs, don’t take the risk!


We ask that you refrain from the helmet debate on this post.

Be sure to share the LOVE so Jackie and Shady both know how gorgeous they look!