Serata Equine || Ultimate Dressage Competition Checklist

Ultimate dressage competiton checklist
If your anything like me you are a hot mess just before a Dressage competition.
You try your best to pack everything you need only to turn up to the event and realise you have forgotten something essential… your girth. I wish it wasn’t true!
There is just so many things to bring with you, it’s no wonder you can’t remember them all. 
Each and every time I think  “If only I had a checklist so I stop forgetting everything”
So here it is! The epic and all inclusive Dressage Competition Checklist, ready to be printed out, laminated and ready for competition day.
I hope it helps you and takes the stress out of your big day, because although it may seem hard to remember right now, competitions are meant to be fun! 




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