Top 15 essential items for your Equine first aid kit – Serata Photography

Having an equine first-aid kit is essential to all owners in case of emergency, your first aid kit is vital and could save your equines life whilst waiting for a vet to arrive to your location.

For those in rural locations it can take anywhere from minutes to a couple of hours for a vet to arrive so having the right items in your first aid kit can make all the difference.

Of course we hope your horse has no reason to use the products below, however due to their large and sometimes unpredictable nature accidents do occur so being proactive could quite literally save your horse.

We recommend all items on the below list, however we also recommend that you add items that you commonly use within your stables, or that may have been missed.

The below items will cover a wide range of ailments, from abrasions to large cuts and wounds, mild colic, swelling or stocking up, dehydration and more. We recommend learning the application of all items before an emergency, so during a time sensitive event all items are easily and safely applied.

  1. Gauze
  2. Non stick dressing / Melonin
  3. Vet wrap / Elastoplast
  4. Tuffrock Poultice
  5. Gamgee
  6. Scalpel
  7. Bandage scissors
  8. Manuka honey gel
  9. Antiseptic cream / spray
  10. Bute / Anti-inflammatory
  11. Drink-up / molasses to encourage drinking.
  12. Paraffin oil
  13. Thermometer
  14. Electrolytes
  15. Betadine / iodine wash

Some additional items to consider for your first aid kit include a towel, clean dish or bucket as well as wire cutters. These may be things found already around the farm or stables, however having them on hand can be useful.

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