Horse Photography Australia: 19 AMAZING Sessions I’ve Photographed This Year

Ahhhh 2020…..aren’t we all glad that it is almost over? Well, I know I sure am!

But thankfully at the start of the year, before all this horrid-ness started for us, I had a chance to meet some absolutely amazing horses and hear their stories.
With such a wide range of different breeds, colours and heights, we created some amazing memories to be treasured by their parents (of the human kind).

Offering Horse photography Australia wide is my passion and with each change of scenery brings new and amazing horses and a plethora of quirky personalities.

I wanted to share with you 19 Amazing sessions I photographed in 2020.  I would have loved to show them all, but sadly I do have to narrow them down as there were way to many amazing horses to choose from.
Did your session make the cut? Be sure to show of to your friends by sharing the page.

Hopefully the following images bring a smile to your face, and remind us all that 2020 is almost over…..finally.

“ALE Nostradamus” – Botanical Session

“Cupido” – Fine art session

“Noah” – Reflections Session

“Falcon” Fine-art Session

“Elle” Creative Maternity Session

The Swales Family – Lifestyle session

“Audrey” Woodleigh Romanze – Fine art session

“Joker” Lifestyle Session

“Hewie & Cruising” Fine-art session

“Oakey” Fine art session

“Habafield Rapunzel”  Fine-art Session

“Hadwyn” Fine-art Session


“Astro” Lifestyle Session

“Billy, Phoenix” Fine Art Session


“Balou” Fine-Art session

Lifestyle session – Aren’t they just amazing?!

Wilson Dressage – Fine-art session

Lindsay Ware Dressage – Creative session

“Shiloh, Friday and Ray (Jilliby Outlaw)” Creative Session


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