Horse Photography Australia: 22 GORGEOUS Horses I’ve Photographed This Year

Horse Photography Australia: 22 GORGEOUS Horses I’ve Photographed This Year

With the new year soon approaching its time to reflect on all the past events over the last 12 months, and after all the dust is settled what photos do you have of your horse this year? Do you have any of both you and your horse?

This year we have been to so many different locations offering Horse photography Australia wide, and both the horses and people we have met are sure to amaze, we have had extravagant photo-shoots, simple, elegant and timeless sessions showing the bond and adoration of owners pride and joy.

Yearning for your own photoshoot of your horse but stuck for ideas? Your not the only one. Don’t get stuck with the same old phone images of your pride and joy, celebrate them in style. Here you will find in no particular order a comprehensive list of 22 of the most GORGEOUS horses I have photographed in 2018.

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1.Our very first horse we photographed this year was definitely GORGEOUS, and didn’t he make heads turn. Licorice – Nungarra Furst Class was amazing for his session, so much so we have a HUGE 40″ x 60″ print of him in the studio to show off his beauty.

This session was held on our equine property in Lancefield, Victoria and was predominately Fine-art with a couple of lifestyle images of Kylie with her beautiful man.

2. Sometimes the bond between Owner & Horse is undeniable, between ‘Chase’ and Sarah this was very much the case, simple and sweet were the design brief and these two definitely delivered.

3. Although Lilly’s mum did not expect her to put her ears forward for us, Lilly just had to show her up! With her silky highly reflective coat, Lilly was an easy horse to photograph. This session was solely fine art, with the purpose of creating one “Hero” piece for owner Vicky’s home. This session was done in both a double bridle as well as with nothing on, within a stable.

4. We were very blessed when we turned up for Kerryn’s session and the property was a stunning wedding venue with a beautiful blossom driveway.

5. Jimmy speaks for himself, this session was solely Fine-art with both white and black background being captured, we photographed a variety of poses with an emphasis on Jimmy’s beautiful colours and luxurious shine.

6. Some horses are truly sweet angels, and this is the same for ‘Mac’ owned by Brittany. Although a casual photoshoot in a t-shirt and jeans, this just accentuated the bond between both owner and horse more. This whole session was done without a halter or bridle at any point, which to this day no horse has been able to replicate, he definitely was a beautiful soul.

7. When we turned up to meet Michelle’s gorgeous horse, we were blessed to meet Clancy the Clydesdale. Near the end of our photoshoot Michelle mentioned Clancy knows a trick so of course we couldn’t resist capturing it! If you horse has something special it does, be sure to let us know we love capturing all horses little quirks.

8. This one of Michelle and her family has been a fan favourite, we managed to wrangle it all together to get everyone looking – smiling AND all horses ears forward in the one photo! Natural styled sessions can be subtle and sweet, not everyone has to match to have a picture perfect image.
9. Headshots are one of my personal favourite types of fine-art photos, representing a wide range of facial expression just like this gorgeous portrait of ‘Bana’ owned by Jane.
10. Two blonde bombshells in one photo?! Ashlee decided to go with a casual style with her cowboy boots, which made for a gorgeous soft image.

11. I don’t even need words for this one, he is just too perfect and definitely a favourite – ‘Rupert’ is all show for owner Kim.

12. This session just speaks for itself, Emily selected one of our studio dresses for her photoshoot, as well as a casual style for other photos, to have a wide variety of images. The two of them are divine in such soft light, and did I mention ‘Xander’ is a Friesian?

13. Do you have a stunning driveway? These make the best backgrounds for a stunning effect, pair it with soft tones like we did for Melissa’s photoshoot and the effect is marvellous.

14. Alessia and her beautiful Arab ‘Cloudy’ definitely brought out the sunshine for us, with soft pastel tones and a casual feel to the session, simple and stunning!

15. There is nothing like looking into the mirror and seeing your own beautiful reflection – Or at least Disco thought so!! Our reflections shot is one of our most asked for images this year, as it really is truly breathtaking.

– Horse Photography Australia

16. Keisha and her big beautiful dapple grey were divine for their photoshoot, they chose to go for a more glamour look, in her stunning deb dress, which complimented her beautiful grey perfectly.

17. The beautiful Dolly gave us the most perfect back-lit silhouette while looking out of her stable door. This image is something you could place in any house on any medium (Canvas, Framed or Wood) and it would still look truly breathtaking,

what an amazing representation of your horse in such a simple format.

18. Now that’s something you DONT see every day! Simone Innes of Simones Standardbred’s handled all FIVE of her current standarbred’s for her photoshoot AND we got all horses ears forward in a single photo! There was no Photoshop magic here! WOWEE!
19. Look out! CJ definitely turned heads! Although we had to reschedule to a later time of day due to horrendous weather, that just made for some amazing lighting and the perfect black background panoramic image.
20. Another beautiful blonde with Chrisanthi’s horse the gorgeous Brandy, these two were happy to strut their stuff on their home property, in their competition gear for a more refined look.
21. Although the weather had been horrible, Fly was happy to strut his stuff with Natalie and show off for the camera. He was such a little smooch too! This was a good example of a session held at your home, with a laid back natural feel to it.

22. And last but not least our most recent session with Shaylah and her big beautiful dapple grey Clydesdale cross – Arthur. We were honoured to capture these images at Pretty Sally Riding Ranch on their beautiful 400 acres. Be sure to click through the slideshow for more images.

I hope you enjoyed our journey through 22 of our most GORGEOUS equine sessions of 2018 and that you some ideas of what your perfect horse photoshoot can look like. Be sure to checkout our portfolio for more examples of our artwork and session types.

This year we will continue to offer Horse Photography Australia wide, with a large emphasis of creating one of a kind pieces for your home to be passed down from generation to generation.

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