Terms & Conditions


  1. To avoid disruption to the photographic coverage and to allow the Studio to fulfil its contracted duty; other photography by family/friends at this time is not permitted.

  2. I/we agree the Studio owns the Copyright in all photographs. I/ we give permission to the Studio to use any image of our sitting for industry competitions and as required subsequent usage and for reasonable general promotional advertising for the Studio. 

  3. As the Studio owns the Copyright, I/we agree not to copy, cause to be copied or allow anyone else to copy, photocopy, laser copy or computer scan these images. To do so is in breach of this agreement. I/we will use these photographs as agreed and understand they may not be copied or reproduced unless written approval is granted by the Studio.

  4. The negatives/digital files remain the property of the Studio and will be kept on file a period of 1 year for re-orders. I/we may be able to negotiate with the Studio for release of the negatives/digital files.Regarding re-ordering photographs, I/we also understand:

  5. Orders must be placed at the viewing and ordering appointment (5-14days), otherwise prices current at the time of ordering will apply and I/we will pay all reasonable freight and postage that I/we request

  6. All orders shall remain the property of the Studio until full payment has been made. Orders cannot be separated for collection unless paid for in full.


  1. Should nominated photographer not be available for any reason, the Studio will notify the Client of the change as soon as it is known and reschedule the session

  2. The price quoted will be guaranteed for seven days otherwise the current price will be confirmed when the deposit on the order is paid. Any additional costs will be advised and confirmation required before proceeding.

  3. As the photographs made by the Studio are manufactured with the finest materials currently available, the Studio unconditionally guarantees them.  The original photograph must be returned and shipping paid in advance. This warranty will be valid for as long as the Studio has its possession the original files in a printable condition.

  4. Un-purchased The negatives/digital files remain the property of the Studio and will be kept on file a period of One year.

  5. The Studio shall carry out this assignment with due and professional diligence. Elements beyond the Studio’s control include faulty material, equipment failure, damaged and exposed film, loss of film/photos/negatives/digital files in transit between the Studio and professional laboratories employed by the Studio, loss or damage to film, negatives/digital files and proofs during processing and developing either by the Studio or professional laboratories employed by the Studio, industrial disputes, civil disturbances, or weather conditions which may inhibit or prevent the Studio completing in whole or in part this assignment. In this case the Studio shall not be liable for its complete performance of the assignment. It is agreed that the liability of the Studio shall be limited to be a refund of any money paid under this agreement which shall be in full & final satisfaction of any damage or loss suffered.


  1. One promotional voucher per customer can be redeemed at any one time

  2. Vouchers are non-refundable for cash or product credit, all voucher purchases are final. Session Fee’s or Vouchers are non-transferable unless with permission of Serata Photography 

  3. Vouchers cannot be combined within the one session

  4. Vouchers cannot be used to redeem products or money from a past session

  5.  All decision makes MUST be present at the design appointment

  6. There is a $75 fee for a second design appointment if a decision cannot be made, or all necessary parties do not attend

  7. Session fees are non-refundable if cancelling within 7 days of the session time. This is as we block of whole times in our calendar for our sessions. Sessions MAY be rescheduled for a later date. 

  8. Booking fee’s are non refundable if cancelling within 48 hours of the session. 

  9.  We have the right to refuse physically dangerous horses, or horses which may put our staff at risk.