The session fee covers the photographer’s time and talent during the session, post production work and your custom order session. You will also receive a complimentary 8×10 portrait. Please also read your gift vouchers for any additional inclusions.

Our sessions can take place either at our studio located in Lancefield, Victoria OR on your choice of property, this may be your home property or a location that you have permission to use. 

As I am based in Victoria, photoshoots days are readily available, please check our calendar for available dates or contact us at info@serataequine.com if your preferred date is currently unavailable. 

Interstate photoshoots are held on selected dates, usually once every 1-2 months throughout Warmer seasons, or as per demand.

If you and a group of friends choose to have photoshoots on the same day, additional dates (and special rates) can be offered. Please email me at info@serataequine.com for m ore information.


For our Fine-Art sessions it is recommended to book when your horse has stripped its winter coat, for horses left naturally this is usually between Early October – Late March, however for horses under lights this may be all year round. 

Our Lifestyle sessions can be held all year round, as they can be themed around the seasons, and still look fantastic even with horses in their winter woolies. Think picturesque Autumn leaves or Winter pastel tones. 

For yourself;
I highly recommend wearing something that you have worn before, that you like yourself in. Our creative sessions are best held in a gown, however for our other sessions these are completely up to you. You can be as formal or as casual as you like. 

For your horse; 
For horses that are mouthed we recommend a nice bridle, or a fine neutral coloured halter for those that do not wear a bridle. 

Double bridles are welcome, however please note that in fine-art portraits reins will be left on in final the images.

For horses that are quiet we may also do fine art portraits with nothing on, you will still have a rope/rein around the horses neck for these style of photographs. 

This is completely up to you, for our fine art portraits we recommend basing your preparation on what you would normally do for a competition. Horses are also not required to be braided, but I do recommend it if you have the time. 

I highly recommend having a clean horse, because your images will be so detailed dirt and dust does show up. 

Where possible please do not wash your horse on the day of your photoshoot, your horse must be completely dry, it also gives your horse’s coat a chance to settle back down under their rug. If your horse is still wet during the photoshoot, I cannot make your horse look dry in the images. 

We understand that some horses may have scruffy coats, or look better not braided.
This isn’t a problem at all! Just do whatever you are comfortable with. 

Lifestyle sessions ; 
For these photoshoots we need nothing other than yourself and your horse/s. Where possible a  pretty background is best, this could include gardens, a treeline or even a wide open paddock, the list is endless. 

Fine art sessions; 
Our fine-art sessions use no physical backdrop, this allows your horse to concentrate towards me in a relaxed way, not focus on a scary backdrop behind them. It means our photoshoots are suitable for young or highly strung horses, who normally would have trouble in such situations. 

Where possible I recommend a Stable aisle, Large shed or Covered Arena if available, what we are looking for is the horse to be in shade, with a dark area behind them. We understand this isn’t always possible. 

The floor may be in some of the shots, so when using a concrete floor we recommend a clean and swept area. 

A friend / assistant is highly recommended to help prick your horses ears if possible. 

Unfortunately horses are a bit like children, they always wait until the last moment to scratch themselves. 

Thankfully however these can be retouched and removed from your images. This includes any minor scars etc that you would prefer not visible. 

We archive your purchased images for 6 Months. Images which are not ordered are purged from our systems twice monthly in order to make room for new clients. Please note: The studio owns the copyright to all images, including proofs. Images may not be edited, copied, scanned or reproduced in any way without written permission.